Empowering Capital Market Decisions

Navigate the dynamic world of capital markets with confidence with Inuvest's comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower your investment decisions.

Unleash the Power of Inuvest

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a novice trader, Inuvest provides the resources you need to make informed choices and achieve your financial goals.


Algo-trading platform

Craft and backtest winning strategies with ease, leveraging our intuitive interface and advanced analytics.


Curated portfolio marketplace

Subscribe to pre-built strategies curated by experts, tailored to your risk appetite and investment horizon.


Options analytics platform

Gain seamless access to options analytics, unlocking a world of opportunities in the options market.

Transform Your Investment Journey

Inuvest's tools are specialised for all types of capital market players, from retail investors to proprietary trading firms.


Retail Investors

Embark on your investment journey with confidence, guided by Inuvest's user-friendly tools and educational resources.

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Take your trading to the next level with Inuvest's advanced backtesting and execution capabilities.

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Wealth Managers / Investment Advisors

Enhance your service offerings with Inuvest's comprehensive solutions, empowering your clients to make informed decisions.

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High Networth Individuals

Elevate your investment portfolio with Inuvest's powerful tools through automations and advanced analytics.

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Provide a differentiated trading experience for your clients with Inuvest's integrated platform or manage your prop trading desk with automations.

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Proprietary Trading Firms

De-risk your trading capital with tailored solutions for firms managing proprietary accounts.

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Effortless Automation, Expert Strategies, and Insightful Trading

Our platform is designed to revolutionize your trading experience, combining the power of automation with access to professional strategies and market insights. Explore how Inuvest can transform your trading journey today.


Seamless Automation: Simplify Your Trades

Automated Trade Execution: Say goodbye to the manual hassle. Our state-of-the-art automation allows for swift and precise trade executions, ensuring your strategy is implemented efficiently.

    Time for What Matters

    With automation handling the routine, you have more time to focus on market research and strategy refinement, setting the stage for more informed decision-making.

      Access Professional Strategies: Trade with Expertise

      • Curated by Pros

        Tap into a world of expertly crafted trading strategies, developed by seasoned professionals with a deep understanding of the markets.

      • Research-Driven Approach

        Each strategy is a product of extensive research, incorporating sophisticated analyses to navigate through the complexities of trading.

      • Diverse Portfolio

        Choose from a wide range of strategies to match your trading style and goals. From conservative approaches to aggressive tactics, we have something for every trader.

      Insightful Trading: Gain a Competitive Edge

      • Portfolio Insights

        Stay ahead with our portfolio insights. Understand the “why” behind trades and make informed decisions.

      • Adaptive Learning Tools

        Use our platform as a learning hub. Absorb knowledge from professional strategies and apply these insights to your own trading.

      Are you a HNI, SME/Startup or a Proprietary Trading Firm Looking to Manage your Wealth?

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