Empowering Brokers with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Enhance your brokerage platform with Inuvest's integrated solutions, providing your clients with a seamless and powerful trading experience.

In the competitive world of brokerage, providing your clients with access to sophisticated trading tools and a user-friendly platform is essential for your success. Inuvest offers brokers a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to enhance their platform, attract new clients, and increase trading activity.


Empower your users to trade better.


Algo Trading

Empower your users to invest systematically. One integrations with multiple benefits


    Options Analytics

    With 1lyoptions, The Most Comprehensive Options Analytics Platform for Better Trading Decisions is designed for a beginner to a professional traders with multiple features suites


      Customizable Branding and User Experience

      Tailor our platform’s to your brokerage's branding and user experience, ensuring a consistent and seamless experience for your clients.


        Inuvest provides essential tools for informed trading decisions, enhancing precision and strategy in the investment process.


        Attract New Clients

        Offer a differentiated trading experience that appeals to sophisticated traders and investors, attracting new clients to your brokerage.


          Increase Trading Activity

          Empower your clients with advanced trading tools, leading to increased trading activity and revenue generation.


            Enhance Client Satisfaction

            Provide your clients with the tools they need to make informed trading decisions and achieve their financial goals.


              Reduced Operational Costs

              Streamline your brokerage operations with Inuvest's efficient and scalable solutions.


                Access to Expert Insights and Support

                Gain valuable insights from experienced traders and industry experts, and receive dedicated support from our team.

                  Join the Growing Community of Brokers

                  Inuvest is trusted by a growing community of brokers worldwide, who rely on our solutions to empower their clients and achieve their business goals.

                  What our users say

                  A leading online brokerage firm, integrated Inuvest's solutions into their platform. As a result, they experienced a 10X increase in monthly trading volume with their algo trading platform. With 1lyoptions integrations, Atleast, ⅓rd of their derivatives traders use the platform for analytics and seamless trade executions daily. Their clients were also highly satisfied with the new platform, with an 85% positive rating in their customer satisfaction survey.

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