Empower Your Investment Decisions with Inuvest: Tailored Solutions for High Net Worth Individuals

Elevate your investment portfolio with sophisticated tools, expert insights, and personalized strategies designed to meet the needs of discerning investors.

In the dynamic world of capital markets, High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) demand sophisticated solutions that cater to their unique investment goals and risk profiles. Inuvest understands the complexities of HNIs' investment portfolios and provides a comprehensive suite of tools and expert guidance to empower informed decision-making.


Leverage Inuvest's well researched Quant models to enhance your portfolio performance.


Advanced Backtesting with Market Simulations

Evaluate your investment strategies under various market conditions, ensuring they align with your risk tolerance and financial aspirations.


    Personalized Portfolio Management

    Optimise your investment portfolio with tailored strategies, leveraging our technology and advanced analytics.


      Technology Driven

      Leverage technology to manage multiple accounts, multi-asset strategies and automated order execution.


        Safeguard your capital with a risk-first approach, prioritizing downside protection through diversified investments and risk management strategies


        Enhanced Trading Strategy Development

        Craft sophisticated strategies that align with your unique investment profile and risk appetite.


          Data-Driven Portfolio Optimization

          Optimise your portfolio composition and asset allocation based on comprehensive market analysis and expert recommendations.


            Empowered Investment Decision Making

            Make informed decisions with confidence, guided by expert insights and data-driven analysis.


              Generate Alpha

              Leverage existing investments to generate alpha through pledge margins and deploying tech driven models to hedge.


                Access to Exclusive Investment Opportunities

                Gain access to unique investment opportunities not readily available to the general public.


                  Dedicated Relationship Management

                  Experience personalised service and support from a dedicated relationship manager.


                    Tailored Educational Resources

                    Enhance your financial knowledge with exclusive access to research insights.

                      Inuvest is committed to providing HNIs with the highest level of service and support. Our HNI Circle offers exclusive benefits and privileges to our most valued clients.

                      Schedule a personalised consultation with our HNI team to discover how Inuvest can help you achieve your financial goals.

                      What our users say

                      The Vice-President of a large corporate with a diversified investment portfolio in stocks and mutual funds with long-term view of holding, utilised Inuvest's solutions to generate additional returns by deploying automated quant driven hedging strategies without additional investment by leveraging on pledge margins. This decision-making process, guided by Inuvest's technology and research is able to contribute additional return of up to 10% and reduce the drawdown risk.

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