De-risk Your Investment with Inuvest: Tailored Solutions for trading firms managing proprietary trading accounts.

Elevate your trading desk's performance with Inuvest's cutting-edge, quantitatively-researched trading products, designed for precision and risk control.

In the dynamic world of capital markets, Prop-desks demand sophisticated solutions that can cater to its unique investment goals and risk. Inuvest understands the complexities of Prop-desks investment thesis to generate alpha with low risk.


Get the best out of Technology and Quant research.


Quantitative Research

Inuvest excels in the realm of proprietary trading by leveraging the power of quantitative research to construct advanced trading models. Our approach integrates sophisticated statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and extensive data analytics to deeply understand and interpret market dynamics. This focus on quantitative techniques ensures that our models are not only data-driven but also highly adaptive to fluctuating market conditions. We strive to provide trading solutions that are relevant, efficient, and tailored to meet the complex market scenarios.


    Rigorous Risk Tests

    One of the hallmarks of Quant models by Inuvest, is its commitment to rigorous testing. Each algorithm undergoes a battery of tests that simulate a wide array of market scenarios and risk parameters. This meticulous approach ensures that the quantitative models are robust and reliable.


      De-risking through diversification

      Based on the capital we understand the risk and diversify not only on different instruments but to different models with different risk and return profiles.


        Automated executions

        We leverage our core technology infrastructure for automated executions and spend our time and research on research.


          Diversify your trading capital.


          Systematic trading

          We believe in a systematic approach to trading and avoid emotional decisions.


            De-risk your capital

            Diversify your capital and avoid concentration of performance risk.


              Automated executions

              We leverage our technology for large order executions and get better pricing.


                Quick Integration

                Quick integrations with your trading API’s and start trading within a week.

                  Inuvest is committed to quantitative research in the capital markets and providing proprietary trading firms the best solutions to manage their capital.

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                  What our users say

                  A broker based in Bangalore utilised Inuvest’s Quant trading solutions to diversify its trading capital. By rigoursly testing its models for various risk parameters, it had started with test capital. By the end of first year, it had increased its trading capital allocated to Inuvest by 10 times.

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