An Options Analytics Platform

An Options Analytics Platform

1lyoptions unlocks a world of opportunities in the options market, providing a seamless platform for derivatives trading. Our intuitive interface and advanced analytics cater to both novice and experienced traders.

How it works?


Everything you need to win at options


Strategy Creation

Easy to create a strategy, analyze it with a Pay-off chart, compare multiple strategies, and seamlessly execute them.


    Position Analytics - Options Trading

    Comprehensive Analytics on the positions. Analyse positions based on underlying stocks, automatically classifies to hedge


      Options Chain

      Live Options Trading market feed with liquidity indicator, greeks and graphical view of option chain to spot trading opportunity and seamlessly execute orders.


        Multi Strike Chart

        Analyse price movements along with it's impact on the Greeks and spot patterns.


          Open Interest

          Analyse open interest buildups, spot support and resistance levels.


            Straddle Premium

            Spot instruments demanding high premium over price and margin.


              The Ultimate Guide to Options Trading: Learn, Analyze, and Trade

              Live Position Analytics

              Get real-time insights into positions, Risk Alerts on Liquidity, Delivery, Trend direction.


                Unified Platform

                Get robust analytics and seamless strategy execution, all-in-one-place


                  Ease of Use

                  The most simple interface to manage Complex Option trading for traders of all levels


                    Enhanced Trading Flexibility

                    Execute complex strategies with our diverse selection of pre-built customisable strategies.


                      Learning Content

                      Complex Options trading simplified through Courses and Learning content for every trader from beginner to a professional trader.

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